Preventative Maintenance Programs

Do you operate your home comfort systems
on a “run to failure” basis?

That GroundHog Was Right!

Your HVAC system needs your attention!

Posted by Heroic Heat and Air Company on Tuesday, March 19, 2019

I mean do you only worry about your homes comfort systems
when they fail you? There is no doubt that failure will occur at the
most inopportune time. Studies show that a Heating and Cooling
system that is maintained on a regular basis not only lasts up to 25%
longer, but runs more efficiently and properly provides years of
comfort. You will also reduce the risk of costly and untimely repairs
as they can be discovered and repaired early. We offer a seasonal
maintenance program that fits every need. This program will not only
keep your system happy but will keep your pocket book happy as
well. We have two plans to choose from Basic and Super saver.
The basic plan is a standard HVAC system preventative maintenance
that is designed to cover the “basics”. It will allow the technicians to
get into your system to clean and inspect it.
The Super Saver plan covers everything in the basic plan, and also
offers inspections of some other appliances plus some pretty amazing
discounts. Take a look at each plan and give us a call to help you
determine which one fits your needs.